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KET Digital Guide

Datacasting Installation FAQ

These pages contain details on installing and using KET’s datacasting software and troubleshooting some common start-up issues. Please read through this information before e-mailing for tech support. But if your question is not covered here, you may e-mail for help.

I have a signal, but I am not receiving weather data from the KET Data Center program.

First, make sure the Triveni Data Receiver is running:

Triveni receiver catalog viewer

If the receiver is running, then the problem may be that the receiver software has defaulted to your network card instead of the BBTI hardware, since the Triveni Data Receiver can also operate over a network. To change this setting, open the Data Receiver. Please be patient after double-clicking; the application must initialize and may take a few seconds to launch. Select Edit, then Properties, then Connection. In the pull-down menu labeled Network Interface, select the BBTI hardware:

receiver preferences screen

After that, select OK, then Start the service on the next screen. (Start and Stop are located on the bottom left of the Triveni window.)

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