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KET Digital Guide

Datacasting Installation FAQ

These pages contain details on installing and using KET’s datacasting software and troubleshooting some common start-up issues. Please read through this information before e-mailing for tech support. But if your question is not covered here, you may e-mail for help.

AlertStorm Data Grabber does not work.

Some pauses in the EMWIN data transmission from NOAA are normal, but they generally last for only a short time. If the problem persists, you may need to check the default network address of the BBTI hardware client. Windows XP or 2000 sometimes assigns the BBTI hardware to DHCP (a server-assigned address).

In your Network Settings Control Panel, check the TCP/IP settings on the BBTI network driver. If Server-Assigned IP Address is selected, uncheck it and select “Use the following IP address.” Enter; the subnet mask should default to This is the default TCP/IP setting of the AlertStorm EMWIN Data Grabber software.

If you need to reassign the BBTI network driver to an IP address other than for any reason, you must edit the .ini file(s) of the AlertStorm EMWIN software and change the IP address to match the one to which you have assigned the BBTI network driver. The .ini files are located on your hard drive at the following locations:

C: \AlertStorm\Responder\alertstormdatagrabber.ini

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