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KET Digital Guide

DTV and Kentucky Schools

KET’s conversion to digital broadcasting offers exciting new opportunities for expanding our services to Kentucky students and schools.

For information about DTV and your school:

Following are some questions and answers about how our conversion from satellite to digital delivery affects KET’s school services.

Why has KET changed to digital transmission?

Like every other television broadcaster in the U.S., KET has complied with a federal mandate to switch from the traditional analog broadcast system to digital transmission. All of our digital transmitters have been installed, and we are transmitting five digital program services statewide.

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How does conversion to digital affect schools?

As a good steward of state funding, KET always looks for the most cost-conscious and effective system for delivering its educational content. In this case, that means transmitting our school programming schedule on one of the new digital channels. This change has allowed the state to stop paying the enormous bill for satellite delivery services.

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How do schools benefit from digital delivery?

  • Schools have access to all of KET’s multiple digital channels.

  • Schools eventually will be able to download video, data, and other resources for display on televisions or computers.

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What do schools need to receive KET’s digital signals?

First, schools do not need costly new digital televisions! Instead, there are two possible options:

  • UHF antenna and DTV set-top box. The cost of the set-top box and installation equipment should run around $350 per school. Depending on your school’s location relative to the nearest KET transmitter, extra costs may be incurred for a new or improved antenna system.

    Our listing of Kentucky state price contract video equipment includes information on digital reception equipment.

  • Digital-ready cable television service. Some schools now receive KET’s digital broadcasts via cable. In Kentucky communities where digital TV cable service is available, KET continues to negotiate with cable companies to carry all of KET’s digital program services.

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Where can schools get more information?

These pages include more information about digital television, including an extensive glossary of related terms.

For advice about your particular needs and situation, contact the KET education consultant for your region, or call the KET Education office at (800) 432-0951, ext. 7261.

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Whom do I contact for technical assistance?

Email: , or call KET’s School Technical Services Coordinator at (800) 432-0951, ext. 7173, for answers to your questions about DTV receiving equipment, school A/V distribution systems, and school televisions on state contract.

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