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School Multimedia Equipment, Computers and Software

School Multimedia Equipment and Technical Assistance

For multimedia equipment, systems design, contract pricing, and installation, many Kentucky school districts refer to the Kentucky Purchasing Cooperatives (KPC). Some regional education cooperatives, like the Central Kentucky Educational Cooperative (CKEC), have additional vendor contracts for multimedia and video production equipment from vendors. See links below to additional contract resources.

We're working hard at KET to continue to provide quality school services and resources. However, due to restructuring and personnel reductions, we are no longer able to offer schools on-site technical help with digital receivers, existing reception equipment, and school A/V distribution systems. All other services to schools will continue to be fully supported.

As you’re probably aware, KET’s primary means of delivering educational programming to schools has shifted from broadcast to online, so the need for on-site technical support has sharply decreased in recent years. KET continues to offer limited phone and email support to schools with questions about KET educational television reception, distribution, and equipment. Call KET's Technical Services Office for assistance at 1-800-432-0951, ext. 7173; or email: .

Your regional education consultant can provide you with the training and information you need to use KET's wide array of school resources and services effectively.  If you have questions about any of KET’s school resources or services, please call the KET Education office at 800-432-0951, or call or e-mail your regional education consultant.

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School Video Production

For information about school video production and equipment, contact , KET Education Division, (800) 432-0951, ext. 7263. See his MediaWorks blog for multimedia news, information, and Kentucky school features.

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