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ITV Teacher’s Guides

Many of the guides listed below are in PDF file format and require Adobe® Acrobat Reader® to view.

Arts and Humanities

Appleseed John (theater; upper primary-7)

Art History I: A Century of Modern Art (visual arts appreciation; 6-12)

Art On-Air (visual arts instruction; 4-6)

Arts Express (multi-arts theory; P-6)

Creating Stories and Music (exploring the connections between writing and composing; 4-5)

DanceSense (understanding dance elements, styles, and history; 5-10)

Dancing Threads: Community Dances from Africa to Zuni (dance instruction and participation; K-8)

Electronic Field Trip to the Kentucky Center for the Arts (visit to a performance venue; 6-12)

Ellis Wilson—So Much To Paint (visual arts biography; 9-12)

From the Shadows of the River (visual arts documentary; 4-12)

Hymnody of Earth (music performance; 5-12)

Imagine That (theater theory and participation; 4-5)

Looking at Painting (visual arts documentary; 9-12)

Mountain Born: The Jean Ritchie Story (music biography; 7-12)

Old Music for New Ears (music performance and participation; P-8)

Richard Davis on Jazz (music history and performance; 5-12, adults)

Wind in the Willows (theater performance; K-8)

Winter: Season of Darkness and Light (multi-arts performance, winter holidays; 4-12)

Words Like Freedom/Sturdy Black Bridges (African-American poetry and music performance; 9-12)

World of Our Own: Kentucky Folkways (traditional-arts documentary; 8-12)

Foreign Language

¡Arte y más! (Spanish immersion through the arts; P-K)

Saludos (beginning Spanish; P-5)


Beyond the Page (reading; 3-5)

James Still’s River of Earth (reading; 3-5)

Latin Roots for English Word Power (Latin and Greek roots of English words; 9-12)

Signature (profiles of contemporary Southern writers; 9-12)

Telling Tales (Appalachian, African, and Native American stories; K-4)

Write Ideas (creative ideas for writing poetry; 4-8)


Tumbletown Tales (mathematical problem solving; primary)

Multi-Disciplinary Offerings

KET Electronic Field Trips

Practical Living/Vocational Studies

Bullying/Character Education (guidance and character development; P-4)

Character Education Series (guidance and character development; P-4)

For Grades K-2:
For Grades 2-4:

Connect with Kids at Risk (teen issues; 6-12)

Fat Albert & the Cosby Kids (dealing with everyday problems; P-7)

Flirting or Hurting? Sexual Harrassment in Schools (definition, effects, and how to respond; 6-adult)

Just for Me (making wise decisions; P-4)

Looking from the Inside/Out (health and guidance about emotional skills; P-5)

Street Skills (driving safety; 11-12)

Professional Development

Promise Not To Tell? A Teacher’s Guide to Recognizing and Responding to Child Sexual Abuse (teachers, counselors, and administrators at all levels)


Backyard Safari (biology in the world around us; P-3)

Concepts in Nature (life sciences; P-6)

North American Biomes (biology, ecology; 4-8)

Social Studies

The Almost Painless Guide to American Civics (civics; 5-12)

America Past (American history; 8-12)

America’s Special Days (holidays in the United States; primary)

America’s Veterans (the meaning of Veterans Day; 4-9)

Econ and Me (basic economic concepts; P-5)

Events of the 20th Century (history; 7-12)

Great Native American Leaders (Native American leaders and cultures; 6-12)
(Word .doc format; 2-3 pages each; approx. 30K ea.)

Great Native American Nations (history and cultures of Native Americans; 3-8)
(Word .doc format; 2-3 pages each; approx. 30K ea.)

I Love Music! (cultural studies; P-6)
(Word .doc format; 2 pages each; 27K ea.)

Kentucky GeoQuest (Kentucky geography; 4)

Kentucky in Africa (Kentucky and African-American history; 4-12)

The Kentucky Legislature: Behind the Scenes

Kentucky’s Story (Kentucky history; 4-5)

Kentucky’s Underground Railroad—Passage to Freedom (history; 4-12, adult)

News Quiz (current events; 4-8)

Our Presidents in America’s History (personal and historical profiles; 5-12)
(Word .doc format; 2 pages each; approx. 30K ea.)

About the PDF Format and Adobe Acrobat Reader®

KET is using the .pdf file format to distribute many of our guides and samples. This type of file uses the free software called Adobe Acrobat Reader to open formatted documents for viewing and printing. Once you have the software, it doesn’t matter whether you use a Mac or PC or what type of word processor you are using: Adobe Acrobat Reader will allow you to use our guides, as well as the many other .pdf files available on the web.

You may download Acrobat Reader logo Acrobat Reader from Adobe.

(With a 56K modem and a good phone connection, it takes about 10 minutes to download the software.)

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