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or a "dead" language, Latin still plays a major role in today's English. We'll explore the connections in Latin Roots for English Word Power, a special six-part miniseries airing on the KET Star Channels in January and February 1997.

As the official language of the Roman Empire, Latin spread throughout much of what is today Europe and the Middle East. Rank-and-file Roman soldiers, who were not allowed to marry during their 20 years of service, took common-law wives in the areas in which they were stationed. In time, their Latin became entwined with the regional vocabularies, evolving into Spanish, French, Romanian, Romansch, and Italian. Through William the Conquerer, Latin, with French now as its vehicle, crossed into England.

More than 50% of the words we use today are derived from Latin. Many of these, of course, are words associated with science, medicine, and law, but many of these words we use for sports, business, cooking, music, etc.--including "etc."! Students who want to increase their word power in English can do so by either studying Latin in a traditional way or by learning some basic root words, prefixes, and suffixes.

Star Channels Latin II instructor Joan Jahnige will teach Latin Roots for English Word Power. Throughout the programs, she also will show aspects of Roman and Greek lifestyles and customs that will make it easier for the student to relate to and therefore remember the Latin root.

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