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Instructional Television Programming from KET

Instructional TV Catalog

A searchable guide to the ITV offerings aired on KET ED, organized by curriculum area. You’ll find series and episode descriptions, broadcast schedules, links to teacher’s guides, downloadable MARC records, and connections to Kentucky Academic Expectations.
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KET ED Schedule

ITV and professional development programs airing on KET ED in the next 10 days. [About KET ED »]

News Quiz

A weekly KET production for 4th through 8th graders featuring highlights from the past week’s top news stories and a multiple-choice quiz.

KET Distance Learning

Supplemental high school classes in humanities, German, Latin, and physics, originated by certified teachers at KET and delivered via tape, CD-ROM, DVD, and the Internet to schools in Kentucky and beyond.

KET Electronic Field Trips

Less driving, more content! These interesting and informative visits take you and your students to Kentucky sites such as Mammoth Cave, White Hall State Historic Site, a horse farm, a newspaper, a coal mine, the forest, Toyota Motor Manufacturing, the Kentucky Opera, the Speed Art Museum, the Aviation Museum of Kentucky, the National Weather Service, and Forts Harrod and Boonesborough.

Teacher’s Guides

Downloadable guides for many of KET’s instructional television programs.

Instructional Program Web Sites

Companion web sites for KET-produced instructional television programs.

KET Professional Development

Video and multimedia training materials produced by KET to meet the professional development needs of Kentucky schools.

Classroom eNews

Search ITV Videos

School DTV Info