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KET Web Resources for Teachers and Schools

KET EncycloMedia

A comprehensive Internet-based multimedia learning service offering video clips and a wealth of related standards-based resources.
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Instructional Program Web Sites

Companion web sites for KET-produced instructional television programs.

Arts Toolkit

Teacher-written lesson plans and a wealth of other resources for teaching and incorporating drama, music, the visual arts, and dance—related to KET videos and aligned to Kentucky standards.

KET Arts Pages

News about and links to many other KET arts resources, including broadcast schedules, KET arts productions, and related educational materials.


KET and other resources for the teaching of science, technology, engineering, and math

Education Resources Book

Download the 2013/2014 Resources Book to learn more about what KET offers (PDF format; 86 pages; 4.8 MB).

Instructional TV Catalog

A searchable guide to the ITV offerings aired on KET ED, organized by curriculum area. You’ll find series and episode descriptions, broadcast schedules, links to teacher’s guides, downloadable MARC records, and connections to Kentucky Academic Expectations.

Teacher’s Guides

Downloadable guides for many of KET’s instructional television programs.

Lesson Plans

Lesson plans for many of KET’s instructional television programs.

KET ED Broadcast Schedule

The complete schedule of ITV and professional development programs airing on KET ED.

Multimedia Resources

Information on equipment and methods, free workshops, a blog, and other resources for multimedia production and telemedia literacy.

KET Distance Learning

Supplemental high school classes in humanities, German, Latin, and physics, originated by certified teachers at KET and delivered via CD-ROM, DVD, and the Internet to schools in Kentucky and beyond.

Additional Online Learning Resources

Online College Courses: A free and comprehensive collection of over 500 accredited free online college courses that spans video, audio lectures, and notes given by professors at Harvard, Princeton, and MIT. 

Classroom eNews

Search ITV Videos

School DTV Info