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KET and Your School:
An Overview for School Coordinators

Thank you for serving your school and helping us as a KET School Resources Coordinator. As KET Coordinator, your role is to connect your teachers and students with KET video and multimedia programs and services and to help them make the most effective use of those resources. This page outlines the functions performed by most KET School Coordinators. See Communicating with KET for information about KET print and e-mail communication tools and Resource Overview for some ideas on services and opportunities you may want to promote within your school.

As KET School Resources Coordinator, you might ...

Record KET instructional television programs for later use in the classroom.

Each year, KET broadcasts hundreds of hours of instructional programs for all grade levels, which schools may record either for individual classroom video playback from tape or for school-wide playback over an in-school television distribution system. Many of these programs are aired in “block feeds”—back-to-back airings of multiple programs from the same series or on related themes—so that schools may quickly record a collection of related programs.

Manage your school’s media library.

Instructional programs are assigned “taping rights” that determine how long a school may keep and use copies. In addition to recording programs, the KET School Coordinator is responsible for deleting programs once their rights have expired.

Obtain videotapes, DVDs, teacher’s guides, and other multimedia resources.

Track the usage of KET instructional programming in your school.

Toward the end of each school year, KET asks School Coordinators to complete a simple online survey about instructional resource use. Data from this survey help us make informed decisions about acquiring new programs, scheduling broadcasts, and keeping our library of resources current and engaging.

Oversee your school’s video receiving and distribution system.

Arrange in-school workshops with KET consultants.

KET’s regional Education Consultants are ready and eager to assist your staff and students with free on-site workshops in video production, telemedia literacy, effective use of instructional television, and more. See the workshops page for details. Please give us as much advance notice as possible when requesting a workshop—two months is ideal—because the schedule fills up fast.

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