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Services for Your School from KET

Introduction: An Overview for the KET School Coordinator

The role of the School Coordinator in helping teachers use KET resources effectively—and how we can help.

Education Contacts and Blogs

Phone numbers and e-mail addresses for regional education consultants.

KET MediaWorks bloginformation and news about multimedia production and methods.

In-School Workshops

Free on-site workshops by KET Education Consultants for students and teachers on using video in the classroom, media literacy, cross-curricular resources, or a topic of your choice—all designed to support Kentucky and national academic standards and approved for professional development training.

KET Media Lab Workshops

Free workshops in multimedia production at the KET Media Lab, Lexington.

KET Classroom e-News

News about KET programs, projects, and services for Kentucky educators and students by e-mail, customized by grade level and curriculum area.

Multimedia Resources

Information on equipment and methods, free workshops, a blog, and other resources for multimedia production and telemedia literacy.

School Multimedia Equipment, Computers and Software, Technical Assistance

Multimedia and computer equipment/software available to Kentucky schools through price contracts and purchasing cooperatives; KET technical assistance.

KET Digital Broadcast Television

Comprehensive information for schools on KET’s digital broadcast television: equipment needed, installation consultation, reception, and more.

Classroom eNews

Search ITV Videos

School DTV Info