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KET School Video Project Challenge — Arts!

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Student Videos Focusing on the Arts

In addition to our year-round invitation to share student-produced videos on all subjects at KET's School Video Project website, the KET School Video Project Challenge — Arts!, is an opportunity to integrate multimedia technology while supporting the Kentucky Arts and Humanities Curriculum Documents for fun project-based learning. It is also s a chance to win a greenscreen and light kit for making more great student projects!

Project Focus

Participation and Prize Drawing

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TO UPLOAD: Student videos should be uploaded by teachers or school staff members to the KET School Video Project website using its upload video page. See the link to Content and Technical Requirements for suggestions for free-to-use (with credit) media: music, images, video, etc. Please note: Videos containing copyrighted media will be rejected. Please list and credit all media sources at the end of your videos so we'll know if you have the rights to use them! Copyright and intellectual property rights are topics to be included in multimedia education so this is a good opportunity to teach them.

Note: Due to KET server problems in November of 2014, we've moved the "Arts!" video challenge project dates to May, 2015. We will be updating the KET School Video Project website soon.


Student Arts Video Examples from the KET School Video Project

Put Down That Text Video Still Texting While Driving Still Pay Attention Stay Alive Video Still

Tim Withers, Art and Video teacher at Wayne County High School, has submitted many student-produced videos to the KET School Video Project. We were impressed by Tim's integration of Arts and Video class projects. He presented the "Making Costumes and Props for Video Productions" session at the 2012 KET Multimedia PD Days event. Below, he's shown holding a student-made Roman helmet fabricated from paper using the Pepakura pc program. The folded and glued-together paper cutouts are then covered with a resin to make them hard enough to wear. Various swords and other armor objects made mostly from foam cut from patterns and glued together are shown in the center photo. KET's Brett Smith is shown on the right sporting the Roman helmet. Here's an example student video by Wayne County Hight School showing costumes made for their production of Arthur and the Red Wizard.

TWithers1 TWithers2 TWithers3

Erica and Monica Withers (Tim Withers' daughters) have submitted many arts videos to KET while attending Monticello Independent Schools and Wayne County High. Here are some of them:

Other Student Arts Video Examples

Please participate in our latest student video challenge by uploading your own videos!

KET/PBS resources

Related resources


Curriculum Connections

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Kentucky Center Academy for Integration of the Arts, Social Studies and Creative Writing: During the summer of 2014, forty-five teachers from across Kentucky attended a week-long academy on infusing arts into field trips. Sponsored by the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts, it was a collaboration with the Kentucky Department of Education, Kentucky Educational Television, and the Kentucky Historical Society. Lesson plans developed during the academy will available to teachers online through the Continuous Instructional Improvement Technology System (CIITS). Read coverage of the event by Brenna Kelly of The Kentucky Teacher. From the article, "Specifically the teachers learned how to use a historic site as a focused research opportunity, an inspiration for fiction or poetry, how to use drama to make a place, painting or artifact come alive, and how to read a historic portrait."

Check out the children's version of the documentary video on the Kentucky Governor's Mansion by Michael Breeding Media. Made with Kentucky students to celebrate the mansion's centennial, it's hosted on PBS Learning Media, which is locally administered by KET Education staff who contribute Kentucky resources. Make your own classroom multimedia project by combining student research, writing, performance, and video with greenscreen effects to record your students as famous Kentuckians and events from the past!

National Core Arts Standards — Dance, Media Arts, Music, Theatre, and Visual Arts

Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts - Education and Community Arts resources

Kentucky's Core Academic Standards for Technology integrates the Arts into curriculum at all school levels. Arts projects can be shared among teachers and subjects to provide collaborative project-based learning activities across the curriculum. Student video production can be used both as a creative project and as a way to document other art projects and events.

National Technology Standards for students from ISTE — several standards elements and goals are also common in student art education and production, especially when multimedia is used.


Get into video production for project-based learning!

boy with ipad

If seeing excellent student-produced videos about the arts makes you want to produce video projects with your students, here is some helpful information to get you going. Watch for new, special-focus video project challenges we add to the KET School Video Project website. We hope you'll participate and share your students' work!


KET multimedia production resources

Related multimedia production resources


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LENGTH: 01:59

Arts!: One Point Perspective Assignment Draw 50 Buildings


Students follow along with the teacher and learn to draw an entire city from a birds eye point of view.

Date Posted: 11-06-2014

School Name: Wayne Co High, Monticello, KY
District: Wayne Co

LENGTH: 01:58

Arts!: Kentucky Governor's School for the Arts Scholarships Deadline Approaching To Apply


Allison Cooper who went to GSA this last summer for Visual Arts explains the advantages of the program and the opportunities for students in all the Arts fields.

Date Posted: 11-06-2014

School Name: Wayne Co High, Monticello, KY
District: Wayne Co

LENGTH: 00:00

Arts!: The Art of Coil Pottery Using A Variety of Different Coils


Video showing various coil types for pottery making in art class.

Date Posted: 10-22-2014

School Name: Wayne Co High, Monticello, KY
District: Wayne Co

LENGTH: 02:37

Arts!: Mobile Museum Project


A Pleasure Ridge Park High news story based on a collaborative project that students did with the Kentucky Museum of Art & Craft. Their advanced graphic design studio won the Louisville Advertising Federation Campaign Challenge, themed on bullying, and the Museum reached out to their teacher and asked them to put together a traveling suitcase of their design work. The class made several traveling suitcases that teachers can sign out to use in their classrooms. Museum website: Notes

Date Posted: 10-14-2014

School Name: Pleasure Ridge Park High, Pleasure Ridge, KY
District: Jefferson Co

LENGTH: 09:09



A student video production edited and created by students all music is from and from IMovie. Notes

Date Posted: 10-13-2014

School Name: Wayne Co High, Monticello, KY
District: Wayne Co

LENGTH: 00:36

Arts!: Stop Frame Students


An Art Film with students acting in stop motion.

Date Posted: 10-01-2014

School Name: Wayne Co High, Monticello, KY
District: Wayne Co

LENGTH: 00:00

Arts!: Football Music Promotion


This video was produced by a student to promote the football team. He used music played by our Graves County High School Screaming Eagle Band. Notes

Date Posted: 08-14-2014

School Name: Graves Co High, Mayfield, KY
District: Graves Co

LENGTH: 02:19

Arts!: SIYA Arts Camp


Example student video originally uploaded to KET in 2013: a school news story about a summer art/music camp for Owensboro schools.

Date Posted: 07-24-2013

School Name: Owensboro High, Owensboro, KY
District: Owensboro Ind

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