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Notes: Julius Marks' newscast is played over the school a/v distribution system at 7:45 am each day. After playing the previous day's recorded and edited video, they switch to a "live" camera for weather and any last-minute announcements. Cast and crew:I - videographer - news anchors - a/v switcher - cue boards and music playback - computer editor (see several students share the task in the slideshow pictures, below...such collaboration!) office managers - meteorologist Eleven students a month work on the news crew. Additional students produce the recorded video clips while the newscast is being recorded for the next day's broadcast. They shoot in the morning, edit after school, and play the edited video combined with live broadcast content the next morning after shooting the next day's news stories. JME-TV's newscast recorded/edited content is about 3.5 minutes long. Added to it each day is the live weather, the pledge of allegiance, and special announcements for a total program length of about 5 minutes.
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