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Notes: Students were all assigned to write a script in Arts and Humanities class. This is one of several videos that were made by students recently. All the scripts had to use certain elements... Genres: Students pick at random: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Mystery, Thriller, Horror, Suspense, Romance, Comedy. Characters: Must pick two from: Bitsy Ballou, Ignazio del Fuego, Hugh Simon, Shadow (can't talk and nobody can talk to him or her). Props: Must Pick at least two from: Large Suitcase /Brief case, Snow Globe, Shovel, Pipe Cleaners. Lines of Dialogue: Must use at least to use two of the lines from the list: Is that the best you've got? I was lied to and very much deceived. When you say it like that, it's almost poetry. Red, no I said green. I love pie. Alternate idea for a film: There are just a few hours until a terrible something is going to happen. That something could be a meteor from space or the end of the world. You and your fellow students have come to grips with the meaning of life in the time you have left.
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