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Notes: Every week a different class hosts the show. I make a schedule in the beginning of the school year. We begin with the 2nd grade classrooms and end the year with kindergarten. I provide the cue sheets that the teachers use for each show. There is one for the introduction of the class and the date, Pledge of Allegiance, lunch menu, weather forecast and our Straub song. A different student is in charge of each section. The teacher fills out the information before the students report for the show in the morning. Our Morning Show begins around 8:15 each day. It is a live broadcast. The children come to the library. The show is taped each day. At the end of the week a DVD is made for the teacher so that the students can watch themselves hosting the show. Sometimes funny things happen on the show since it is live. One day we had a teacher promoting the spring frog derby. She brought in a live frog and was showing him off in front of the camera. The frog leaped out of her hand and hopped around the room. Of course the tape was still rolling and here we were acting crazy because there was a frog hopping around the studio. During Read Across America week in March we have mystery readers come on the show and read passages of Dr. Seuss books behind the camera. The students try to guess who the mystery reader is based only on their voices. That is a lot of fun. -- Karen Wood, Library Media Specialist, Straub Elementary School.
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