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Notes: Cub Run Elementary's live WCUB tv news production was begun in 1994 by Ms. Childress with KET Education Consultant Ed McGuire's help. Ms. Stephanie Hensley, currently the music teacher at Cub Run and Ms. Childress' niece, was at that time a seventh grade student and participated in the first WCUB news productions. Together, Ms. Childress and Ms. Hensley now direct the weekly WCUB student news programs with library media specialist, Ms. Alicia Estes. Beginning as a live tv program shown over the school's audio-visual system, the programs are now also shared with the community over the local cable-tv system and are archived for web viewing at the school's website -- After returning from retirement to assist in the WCUB news programs, Ms. Childress continues to work at Cub Run Elementary in various programs. A KET MediaWorks blog article about the school and its media production can be seen at Cub Run Elementary is a good school in a lovely Kentucky community. For over 19 years Cub Run has produced a weekly live school newscast for which students must write and present news segments about the school and its programs, its students and faculty, and community news. They are true early-adopters and developers of meaningful education technology.
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