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Notes: Product website - I lost a little of the quality when I converted it so that I could put it in Pinnacle to edit it and turn it into DV footage. The native MP4 format footage on the card itself is much better. The footage was broadcast live on the school website and it was live on the local cable network. The Roland VR-5 recorded this footage at SP speed. We used two cameras. We could have used three. I used the third input for a device to make titles. One camera was up in a booth 300 feet from the stage. The other camera was on the stage. These events were recorded at SP speed. SP speed on the VR-5 is 6mps That is Six Megabytes Per Second. The VR-5 can let you use split screen and I used it to be able to show two views at one time. The VR-5 records onto a small memory card called an SD card. The VR-5 can hold up to a 32 Megabyte SD Card. You need to look for a level 10 card. You can record at three setting LP, SP and Fine. I am using the SP mode more now then ever. SD cards have come down in price and I hardly ever bother with filming something in LP mode now. In the past I have filmed both Football games and Basketball games and other sports in LP mode. I hope to film them more in the future with SP mode. The quality is much better with SP. What I like about this equipment is that it is compact, lightweight, and has built in monitors. It is many devices all wrapped up in one. It mixes sound. It mixes video. It records. It lets you feed out your signal so that you can put it out live to the web. It does have some things I don't like about it. But for standard TV broadcasting using multiple cameras it is pretty good at what it does.
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