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Notes: Videos were recorded with an Apple iPhone 5 in an Otterbox Defender protective case, using an Anycase tripod mount: Test videos transferred from iPhone using the "Photo Transfer App" -- -- to a Dell pc laptop for editing with Pinnacle Studio 15 editing software -- -- before uploading to the KET School Video Project website. iPhone camera app was used, locking auto-focus and auto-exposure settings for all shots. Note that the shot beginning and ending with the flower pot is overexposed when above the deck; could have let camera auto-adjust exposure, but that usually causes noticeable video glitches when the camera iris jerks open or closed to adjust to light changes. For now, we must move the camera between lightest and darkest point in the tripod/crane move-range and lock the AF and AE there for a compromise between too-dark and washed-out video. Music note: Kevin MacLeod is a professional composer-arranger for multimedia productions. He graciously shares many of his excellent compositions on his website for us all to use for free in our multimedia projects. All he asks for is for you to list a Creative Commons 3.0 credit with his name and or website in your project end-credits. Check out other fabulous MacLeod creations on his website...many styles and genres, all first rate and fun to use.
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