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Lucky Number Two

Submitted by: Monticello Independent Middle/High School, Monticello, KY

A long time ago a Wizard was trying out a new kind of wand. This wand to us would look just like a number two pencil, but to the wizard it was his favorite wand. The problem with the wand is that it has a mind of its own and likes to wander off through time and space. All those who come in contact with this wand are also subjected to its mischief. The Wizard's young apprentice feels bad when the wand leaves her care and has vowed to find it no matter how many hundreds or thousands of years it will take. This movie was filmed just in a few days by the students of Monticello High School. It is more experimental then anything else. It tries to tie together 10 random lines. The students' theme was Luck and they had to use a pencil. They had a little over 48 hours to make a movie. Notes

Length: 07:06
Date Posted: 09-19-2011
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