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Dr. Tesla and the War of the Flying Saucers

Submitted by: Wayne Co High, Monticello, KY

Weekend film challenge we only have ten lines and just these ten lines can be used in the film. Here are our ten lines:Line 1: Is here!Line 2: Do you have anything to say for yourself? Line 3: My eyes Line 4: Bring her in. Line 5: I won't make allowances. Line 6: MercyLine 7: Don't you dare say, I told you so. Line 8: Look. Line 9: Is that her? Line 10: I guess the old saying is true. The PROP for this film was drawn out of a hat and was a roll of toilet paper. The THEME was: War. All of the lines have to be in order and no additional lines can be added. The film can't be over 6 minutes long. All films were started on Thursday night and had to be in by Sunday between 1 to 4 pm. Notes

Length: 04:19
Date Posted: 09-24-2012
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