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KET School Video Project—Upload Page

Here's where Kentucky teachers can upload videos for placement on the KET School Video Project web site! We are seeking videos made by Kentucky K-12 students, classes, organizations, and clubs: school news programs, news stories and segments, public service announcements, documentaries, art/music videos, classroom project videos, training/tutorial videos...anything you and your students are making that you'd like to share!

To upload a video, teachers must complete the form on this page. Your video will be uploaded to KET and checked against our Technical and Content Requirements. If your video passes, it will be added to the KET School Video Project's Watch Videos page and you will receive a confirmation e-mail with link. If rejected, an e-mail will be sent to you with an explanation. All are welcome to change or fix any rejected video and re-submit it for publication with a new form. The video approval and Web publication process can take several days to complete, so please be patient. +

Questions? Call or e-mail Jeff Gray: (800) 432-0951, ext. 7263

Video Technical and Content Requirements

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If your public school is not listed please email Jeff Gray:

news program, segment, or story; public service announcement; documentary; art/music video; sports video; classroom project video; training/tutorial video; other

(Uploading teacher can fill this in.):

(If different than yours. Notifications will be sent to both.)

(MM:SS) This lets you choose the poster image (thumbnail) that will be displayed as part of the link to your video. To choose a favorite point in your video to make a thumbnail picture from, play your video back on your pc. When you see a place in the video that you'd like to use as a thumbnail picture for your video, pause the video and note the minutes and seconds. In Windows Media Player the playback time numbers are on the bottom right of the player; in Apple's Quicktime player, they're on the bottom left. After you've noted the playback time for your video's thumbnail picture, enter the minutes/seconds into the field above and we'll place the thumbnail picture of your video next to its title as it's published on our website. Please note that depending on your video's keyframe settings during compression, your chosen image address may not be exactly reproduced.

File Upload

Please note that this KET School Video Project web upload form does not work if Javascript is turned off in your web browser.

Browse Files | Clear List | Start Upload

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After the counter reads "100% Upload completed," please wait for this page to refresh and list details about your uploaded file, confirming that your video was received by KET. You should also receive a confirmation email soon after uploading. If you don't, then please try again. If you continue to have problems uploading, please call or e-mail Jeff Gray: (800) 432-0951, ext. 7263; .

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