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KET School Video Project

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Kentucky schools can upload student-produced videos year-round, directly to KET!
We are seeking videos made by Kentucky K-20 students, classes, organizations, and clubs:

School news programs, news stories and segments, public service announcements, documentaries, art/music videos, classroom project videos, training/tutorial videos, anything you and your students are making that you'd like to share!

Please also participate in the timed Video Challenges we'll continue to add to the website (see left column). Each focuses on specific topics related to core curriculum studies. Schools uploading student productions for one of our Video Challenges are automatically entered in a a prize drawing for useful video production equipment to be given away at the end of each Video Challenge event. We hope to see your videos!

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Kentucky Curriculum Connections

Student-produced videos can be useful as instructional tools and are positive examples of blending technology and Core Content in the classroom for inspiring, project-based learning. They can be viewed from a variety of perspectives:

Student-produced multimedia projects that are designed and assigned to extend instruction and learning can effectively meet the ISTE and KCAS standards across the curriculum.

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