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KET School Video Project Entry Form

The KET School Video Project 2008 is on the theme of “News Feature Stories.” We are seeking student-produced stories made for school news programs. See the project overview page for additional information.

To enter one or more videos (up to five per school), please fill out this form, then print it out and mail it with your video(s) by April 1, 2008. Send entries to

Jeff Gray
600 Cooper Dr.
Lexington, KY 40502-2296

Questions? Call or e-mail Jeff: (800) 432-0951, ext. 7263,

Only one form per school, please. If you need to list more titles, participants, or descriptions, just write or type on the back of the page.







Zip Code:

Teacher Contact:

Teacher Contact E-Mail:

Video Producer(s):

Web Site:


MediaWorks Listserv
If you are not already receiving KET MediaWorks listserv e-mail messages about school video-multimedia production resources and methods, may we add your name to the list?


Type of Class, Group, or Individual Producing the Video:

School Video/Media Class
Other Subject-Area Class

Class or Group Name and Grade(s):

School Video/Media Club
Individual Student(s)
STLP Group

Title(s) and Description(s) of Video(s):

Use other side of page if needed.

Editing Software and PC or Editing System Used:

Our school gives KET permission to use this submitted media in KET-produced video, audio, or Internet projects, including Internet web pages and Internet video streaming. Signed participant and subject releases have been collected and are on file at the submitting school or board of education office.

Signature of School Principal or Authorized Representative:




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