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In-School Workshops

KET Education Consultants are ready to visit your school or office to present free workshops on how our range of instructional resources can help you and your students reach proficiency. All of our workshops support Kentucky and national academic standards and are approved by the Kentucky Department of Education for professional development training. Some of our newer workshops address the 21st-century classroom and student by incorporating relevant web 2.0 tools and current ISTE standards. We also offer EILA PD credit for most of our sessions and encourage the inclusion of students and STLP groups.

Standing topics include the following (click on the title for a description):

Our staff can also design workshops on ...

To schedule a workshop or to have one designed to meet your school’s specific needs, contact your regional KET education consultant or call us at (800) 432-0951, ext. 7261.

Classroom Use of KET EncycloMedia

Learn how to incorporate the services and features of KET EncycloMedia into classroom instruction with free in-school workshops:

Effective Use of KET Instructional Resources in the Classroom

Discover how KET resources target multiple intelligences and diverse learning styles while supporting Kentucky academic and technology standards. Participants will

KET Awareness

Looking for effective teaching tools for your classroom? This workshop addresses available cross-curricular KET resources:

Classroom Video Production

This hands-on workshop introduces teachers and students to video production. The workshop content includes the following (but does not usually address in-depth use of editing software):

Classroom eNews

Search ITV Videos

School DTV Info