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Election 2000: The Candidates

In a presidential election year, it’s easy for other statewide political races to be overshadowed. But key congressional races took place in Kentucky in 2000, with candidates vying for seats in the U.S. House of Representatives from each of the state’s six congressional districts.

KET produced a forum for each of the six districts. All candidates who appeared on the Kentucky Secretary of State’s 2000 General Election Candidates list were invited to take part; the list below indicates which candidates participated. The programs were moderated by Bill Goodman of KET’s Kentucky Tonight.

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Candidate Forums Archive
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  • 1st District
    Brian Roy (Dem.) and Ed Whitfield (Rep.); 20 minutes

  • 2nd District
    Brian Pedigo (Dem.); 13 minutes. (Ron Lewis and Michael Kirkman declined the invitation.)

  • 3rd District
    Eleanor Jordan (Dem.), Donna Walker Mancini (Lib.), and Anne Meagher Northup (Rep.); 57 minutes

  • 4th District
    Don Bell (Rep.), Alan Handleman (Lib.), Ken Lucas (Dem.), and Ken Sain (Grn.); 58 minutes

  • 5th District
    Sidney Jane Bailey (Dem.); 13 minutes. (Hal Rogers declined the invitation.)

  • 6th District
    Scotty Baesler (Dem.), Ernie Fletcher (Rep.), Gatewood Galbraith (Ref.), and Joseph Novak (Lib.)

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