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Ellis Wilson: So Much To Paint
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Kentucky Muse

The Art of Ellis Wilson

    Breaking Down Fences
    Burr Bench
    Chinese Kites
    Chinese Lily
    Ellis Wilson, Self-Portrait
    End of the Day
    Fishermen’s Wives
    Funeral Procession
    Haitian Park
    Jac-Mel Haiti
    Jamaican Paysans
    Peasants Resting
    Portrait of Ellis Wilson
    Shore Leave
    South Carolina Mules
    Still Life with Fruit
    To Market
    Two Mothers
    Voodoo Dancers
    Woman in a Red Dress
    Woman Sweeping

Ellis Wilson left very little documentation of his own works, and no one knows how many paintings he completed. The most comprehensive survey to date was undertaken in the late 1990s by Albert Sperath of Murray State University in Murray, KY, who was preparing a major retrospective exhibit on Wilson.

Sperath located archived references to more than 270 works—some of which may be alternate names for the same painting—but was able to locate only 86 paintings. Even among those, several had been known by more than one title at various times. Many are also undated, so a strict chronology is impossible. This gallery includes some of those works, plus other examples of Ellis Wilson paintings that have been “discovered” since the Murray exhibit thanks to the KET television documentary and web site. The titles used here are those preferred by the current owners

Meanwhile, Albert Sperath is still looking—and would like anyone with any clues to the whereabouts of more works by Ellis Wilson to contact him. See his curator’s essay for more details and contact information.

Where To See Ellis Wilson’s Art in Person

Some galleries and museums with one or more Ellis Wilson paintings in their collections:

Notes from the spring 2000 traveling exhibit in Kentucky can be found at the University of Kentucky Art Museum archives.

The Neal Auction Company in New Orleans sometimes auctions Ellis Wilson works.

600 Cooper Drive, Lexington, KY 40502 (859) 258-7000 (800) 432-0951