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Ellis Wilson: So Much To Paint
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Questions To Answer While Exploring the Ellis Wilson Web Site

from Louisville art teacher Patrick Robertson, who also provided a model art project and high school writing prompts to use with the Ellis Wilson documentary

  1. Where and when was Ellis Wilson born?

  2. How were blacks treated during this time period?

  3. Which painting won Wilson $3,000?

  4. Which painting was the subject of a Cosby television episode?

  5. What did Wilson’s father do for a living?

  6. Where did Wilson first attend college?

  7. What was going on in Chicago when Wilson arrived?

  8. What do we call the period in which there was a resurgence of literature, knowledge, and art coming out of New York’s African-American community?

  9. What was the New Negro Art Movement?

  10. What was the Harmon Foundation?

  11. What do the initials WPA stand for, and what was the organization’s purpose?

  12. In the 1940s, what did Ellis say he wanted to do?

  13. What is a Guggenheim Fellowship?

  14. What were some of Wilson’s themes in the 1940s?

  15. Where is Daufuskie?

  16. What Wilson paintings were shown at the Speed Museum in 1951?

  17. Who is Albert Sperath?

  18. Where is Ellis Wilson buried?

  19. Name the African-American actor/singer accused of Communism.

  20. What did Wilson paint while on his Guggenheim Fellowship?
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