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What is KET ED On Demand?

KET ED On Demand is a streaming service of instructional television (ITV) programs and series. KET ED On Demand offers complete instructional and professional development programs and series in all curriculum areas—whenever it works for you. You'll find KET-produced programs such as DanceSense, Telling Tales, Street Skills, and ¡Arte y mas! KET ED On Demand is also your source for nationally produced favorites such as Reading Rainbow.

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How do I access KET ED On Demand?

Go to KET EncycloMedia to begin your search for instructional programs by content area or grade level.

If your computer is located at a Kentucky public school, you'll have access to everything in KET ED On Demand. Beginning fall 2010, even if you're working at home or at a non-public school, you'll be able to stream programs for which KET has unlimited rights. These offerings include KET-produced instructional television as well as some programs from other distributors.

Once you select a program or series, you will go to a program description that includes how the resource aligns with Kentucky standards. A streaming video icon will let you know if you can access the video.

Broadcast Options: KET will continue to broadcast these series in block feeds on KET KY, the Kentucky Channel, from 1:00 am/12:00 midnight CT to 5:00/4:00 am CT Monday through Friday. Set your digital receiver to channel xx-3 to receive this channel.

Any educator can record these programs to use later in the classroom. The KET ED Calendar provides the monthly ITV block feed schedule; it is sent to all KET school coordinators and is available online at www.ket.org/education.

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What special KET ED On Demand training is offered to Kentucky teachers and preservice teachers?
Contact your KET Education Consultant to set up an in-school workshop on incorporating KET ED On Demand into your instruction. Workshops show teachers how to target the literacy skills and learning styles of 21st-century students.

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Where can I get help with KET ED On Demand?
Contact your KET education consultant and they would be glad to help you access KET ED On Demand or schedule a workshop to help you and your colleagues access and use all of KET's resources effectively.

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