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What is KET Teachers' Domain?

KET Teacher's Domain is a repository of digital media resources with contextual support materials. Resources are divided into three categories: instructional resources organized by K-12 subject; Professional Learning Opportunities, which offers ongoing professional development for educators; and Special Collections, where you will find both instructional and professional development resources.

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How do I use KET TD?

The first step is to register. You will be asked to provide a username and password. The registration process will ask you to select a school with which you are affiliated. This is so the standards linked to each resource will be applicable for your state and region.

If you are not affiliated with a school, simply select the school nearest your home. This will ensure you're viewing the correct standards for each resource. If you are a home school user, select an organization that accredits your work.

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Why should I register with KET Teachers' Domain?

Registration is free and it allows for unlimited access to the resources on the site. Any user can preview KET Teachers' Domain with up to six views. After that, you will be prompted to register.

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Can anyone register for KET TD?

KET Teachers' Domain is available to anyone for educational purposes. Registration is free.

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What if I don't see my school or organization listed at KET Teachers' Domain?

The list of schools and organizations is periodically updated. If you don't find your school or organization in the list, choose the "Help, I don't see my organization link" and follow the prompts to register your organization.

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Where can I find more information about using KET Teachers' Domain?

Follow the "Learn more..." link on the homepage of KET Teachers' Domain.

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Who do I contact for help with using KET Teachers' Domain?

Your regional KET Education Consultant can help you use the service. You also can call the Education Division at KET, 1-800-258-432-0951, for assistance.

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