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Fancy Farm 2012

KET Election Coverage

Fancy Farm 2012 was the kickoff event to KET’s fall election coverage. Bill Goodman and Renee Shaw hosted the KET broadcast live from Fancy Farm in Western Kentucky.

Videos of Fancy Farm Speeches

KET presents videos of the political speeches at Fancy Farm. The speakers are listed in their speaking order.

James Comer
Emcee James Comer,
Agriculture Commissioner, [D] [3:11]
Mitch McConnell
U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell,
[R] [7:17]
Charles Hatchett
Charles Hatchett,
[D] [5:53]
Ed Whitfield
U.S. Rep. Ed Whitfield,
[R] [5:56]
Greg Stumbo
State Rep. Greg Stumbo,
[D] [5:11]
Ken Moellman
Ken Moellman,
[L] [4:51]
Lundergan Grimes
Lundergan Grimes,
[D] [4:32]
Jeff Hoover
State Rep. Jeff Hoover,
[R] [4:48]
Ken Winters
State Sen. Ken Winters,
[R] [6:16]
Stan Humphries
Stan Humphries,
[R] [5:47]
Carroll Hubbard
Carroll Hubbard,
[D] [6:08]
Richard Heath
Richard Heath,
[R], [6:08]
  Kelly Whitaker
Kelly Whitaker,
[D] [6:08]

About Fancy Farm

Every year since the early 1880s, St. Jerome Catholic Church in the small town of Fancy Farm, near Mayfield in Graves County, has hosted an annual community picnic. At some point, political candidates began to see the Fancy Farm Picnic as a good chance to meet, greet, and stump for votes. Soon a platform for speaking was added, and by the middle of the 20th century, Fancy Farm had become the unofficial kickoff event for the fall campaigns.

These days at Fancy Farm, picnic volunteers serve up tons of barbecue (pork and the regional favorite, mutton) while crowds gather at the speakers' platform to cheer—or jeer—their chosen candidates.

For more information on the picnic, see the official Fancy Farm web site.

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