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Programs 5 & 6: The Art of the Everyday

quilting & weaving--interview with Pauline Proffitt of Paint Lick (Garrard Co.); also interview with folklorist Michael Ann Williams

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chairmaking in the Appalachian tradition--interview with Brian Boggs of Berea (Madison Co.)

drystone masonry--interview with Robert Jackson, Sr. (Bourbon Co.), expert Richard Tufnell and second generation stonemason Stanley Matherly (Bourbon Co.)

riving shakes--interview with William and Randy McClure, father and son who rive shingles by hand (Rockcastle Co.); also interview with author Loyal Jones folk art fellowship--interviews with Minnie & Garland Adkins, Phyllis George Brown, Tim & Junior Lewis and others at the Adkins annual "Day In The Country," which showcases folk art from the Left Fork of Newcombe Creek near Isonville (Elliot Co.) and beyond

heirloom beans & tomatoes--interview with Bill Best of Pilot Knob (Madison Co.), who raises and sells vegetables from seed no longer available from major seed companies; also interviews with Mayor Pam Miller, Mason's Restaurant Chef John Scherman and other customers at Mr. Best's stall at the Lexington Farmers' Market;

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canning & preserving--interview with Irene Moore of Grayhawk (Jackson Co.) about putting up 95 percent of her family's food from her garden and orchard

dog breeding--interview with Master of the Hounds Jerry Miller of the Iroquois Hunt Club on what it takes to make a good Walker Hound, the breed of dog used in fox (now coyote) hunting in the Bluegrass hunt country (Fayette Co.)

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