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Programs 7 & 8: The Culture of Customs and Beliefs

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folk medicine--interviews with Cherokee medicine man Crow Dog (Clinton Co.), curator Ben Begley who oversees collection at Pine Mountain Settlement School (Harlan Co.) and longtime public health worker Dr. Mary Pauline Fox (Pike Co.); also interview with folklorist Erika Brady

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funeral ways and roadside memorials--interview with Bowling Green funeral director Kevin Kirby (Warren Co.) and folklorist Lynwood Montell; also interviews on Homecoming Day with members of the Hill Grove Church (Edmonson Co.) about the long tradition of covering graves in their churchyard with bleached mussel shells; also, a sampling of the many personalized roadside memorials to accident victims

singing the gospel--black gospel and bluegrass gospel and compared and contrasted in song and in interviews with members of the the Northern Kentucky Brotherhood and the Gospel Way Bluegrass Singers (Kenton Co.); also interview with folklorist Bob Gates

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mehndi & rangoli--interviews with mehndi artist and musician Anupama Saharasbudhe (Jefferson Co.) and rangoli artists Nirmala Sathaye and Suhas Bupkah (Fayette Co.) on their perpetuation of Indian customs in their suburban U.S. homes; also interview with folklorist Betsy Adler

Old Regular Baptists--footage of the Indian Bottom Association (Knott Co.) members singing their lined-out hymnody and preaching the gospel; also interview with Elder Elwood Cornett about the self-described "peculiar" people who baptize in natural waters, and who forsake dancing, musical instruments and church ornamentation; also interview with author Loyal Jones

spiritual yard art--interviews with Father Robert Brown and Mary Rebecca Boone (Nelson Co.) who live in the "Holy Land of Kentucky near Gethsemane Monastery; footage of the many shrines to the Virgin Mary along "Monks' Road."

Cherokee lore--interview with Richard Blue Cloud Kidd, maker of Indian crafts and descendant of Chief Doublehead and his daughter Cornblossom; his ancestors escaped the Trail of Tears but their lands and their legendary silver mine were lost forever (McCreary Co.)

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