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Programs 1 & 2: The Culture of Work

river work--interviews with Capt. Adrian Hargrove (on the Cumberland River), Capt. Lou Webb (on the Kentucky River), boatshop operator Barry Kelly (on the Mississippi River) and folklorist Erika Brady (on the Green River)

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horse-shoeing--interviews with farrier Jackie Thompson and horse trainer Cris Crowe at Keeneland Racetrack, (Fayette Co.)

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ginseng hunting--interview with Eugene Romans (Morgan Co.)

smalltown opry--interviews with Goldie Payne and her daughter Nikki Kesinger, who run Goldie's Opry in Owensboro, also interviews with amateur talent Katie Lynn Brennen and Johnna Wood, winner of weekly talent contest (Davies Co.)

barbeque--interviews with Harl and John Foreman of Owensboro's Old Hickory Barbeque (Davies Co.), fourth and fifth generation barbeque producers; also interview with folklorist Michael Ann Williams

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musseling--interview with John Goheen, who brailles for shells that once were made into buttons; now they go to Japan for use in the manufacture of cultured pearls (on the Tennessee River)

dark-fired tobacco--interview with Robert Hart, grower of the state's other tobacco crop and grandson of one of the Night Riders who led an armed revolt against the tobacco trust in the early 1900s (Caldwell Co.)

Hispanic grocery--interview with Victoria Corona and Monica Fonseca, proprietors of La Victoria's in Versailles; they came to Kentucky to work in tobacco, now their store serves as a gathering point for Hispanic workers in the Bluegrass region (Woodford Co.); also interview with folklorist Betsy Adler

truck driving--interviews with long-hauler John Ferguson and truck stop proprietor Charlie Doolie (Hart Co.)

whiskey-tasting--interviews with taster emeritus Elmer T. Lee and current taster Gary Gayheart at Ancient Age Distillery, whose Blanton's brand has helped to popularize single-barrel bourbon (Franklin Co.)

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