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What Are Critical Thinking Skills?

In Peak Performance (1997), S. Ferrett identified the primary attributes of a critical thinker. These qualities can help your students succeed on the GED Test and throughout their lives.

As you read the list below, think about how your classroom can foster an environment that nurtures critical thinkers.

Critical thinkers

  • Ask pertinent questions
  • Assess statements and arguments
  • Are able to admit a lack of understanding or information
  • Have a sense of curiosity
  • Are interested in finding new solutions
  • Are able to clearly define a set of criteria for analyzing ideas
  • Are willing to examine beliefs, assumptions, and opinions and weigh them against facts
  • Listen carefully to others and are able to give feedback
  • Suspend judgment until all facts have been gathered and considered
  • Look for evidence to support assumptions and beliefs
  • Are able to adjust opinions when new facts are found
  • Look for proof
  • Examine problems closely
  • Are able to reject information that is incorrect or irrelevant
  • See that critical thinking is a lifelong process of self-assessment