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So, What Does This Mean for GED Students?

Many students enter GED programs with basic cognitive skills:

  • Knowledge—the ability to recall facts
  • Comprehension—the ability to summarize ideas and interpret the basic meaning of text or graphic-based information

On the GED Tests, students must demonstrate higher-order cognitive skills-critical thinking skills. The GED Testing Service has designed questions using an adaptation of Bloom’s Taxonomy, a hierarchy of cognitive skills. These skills include the ability to comprehend, as well as to apply, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information.

Remember, a small percentage of questions directly assess comprehension skills. However, all higher-level critical thinking skills first require that the student have a basic understanding of the material presented.

efore we discuss the higher-level thinking skills, let’s get a broader context for them by reviewing the content of the GED Reading, Social Studies, and Science tests.