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Defining Application Skills

Application questions are found in all of the GED Tests. Think about it. On the Writing Test, students apply their understanding of grammar when they correct or revise documents. On the GED Mathematics Test, students apply their math skills to solve problems, such as using the formula for area to determine the amount of flooring needed for a room.

Application questions generally require that students

  • Use information in a new context
  • Apply their skills and knowledge to solve problems

In Language Arts Reading, application items require students to

  • Use information and ideas from text in a situation different from that described
  • Transfer concepts and principles from the text to a new context

In Social Studies, application items require students to

  • Identify an example of a generalization or principle
  • Apply the abstraction to a new problem without prompting or instruction

In Science, application items require students to

  • Apply understanding of scientific concepts, principles, theories, and laws to real-life situations
  • Understand the relevance of science in everyday life