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Defining Analysis Skills in Social Studies and Science

Analysis questions require that students break down information into its essential parts and identify the relationships between the parts.

In general, analysis questions require students to

  • Distinguish fact from opinion
  • Recognize the unstated meaning within a text or graphic
  • Identify cause and effect
  • Make inferences or predictions

In Social Studies, analysis items require students to

  • Distinguish conclusions from supporting statements
  • Recognize information that is meant to persuade
  • Recognize fallacies in arguments or conclusions
  • Recognize the point of view of a writer in a historical account
  • Compare and contrast points of view and how issues are interpreted
  • Determine implications and effects of presenting data in different ways, such as through various types of graphs, charts, tables, etc.

In Science, analysis items require students to

  • Think critically and logically about relationships between evidence and explanations
  • Use questioning and reasoning abilities