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Using Analysis Skills in Language Arts Reading

Question 2 below refers to the following excerpt from a critical review of a best-selling book.

How does the reviewer experience this book?

In Life in Retrospect, Kinison’s essays provide a revealing look at the world of yesterday. Rather than skimming over the surface of the past, Kinison immerses the reader in the warmth of a farmhouse childhood. Kinison’s appraisal of the life of yesterday reveals a quiet, rich, sensory world. We learn first-hand about the author’s summers with his grandfather, his father’s fishing habits, the smell of his mother’s kitchen, and the warmth of his grandmother’s chair. In a gentle style, Kinison forgives the errors of his elders and notes the lasting gifts of his childhood.

  1. From reading the review of Life in Retrospect, a reader would expect the tone of the book to be:
    (1) serious and formal
    (2) nostalgic and reflective
    (3) humorous and playful
    (4) disappointed and regretful
    (5) friendly and sympathetic

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