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Using Synthesis Skills

Question 1 below refers to the following excerpt from a critical review of a best-selling book.

How does the reviewer experience this book?

In Life in Retrospect, Kinison’ss essays provide a revealing look at the world of yesterday. Rather than skimming over the surface of the past, Kinison immerses the reader in the warmth of a farmhouse childhood. Kinison’s appraisal of the life of yesterday reveals a quiet, rich, sensory world. We learn first-hand about the author’ss summers with his grandfather, his father’ss fishing habits, the smell of his mother’ss kitchen, and the warmth of his grandmother’ss chair. In a gentle style, Kinison forgives the errors of his elders and notes the lasting gifts of his childhood.

  1. Later in the discussion of the book, the reviewer says, "I have always lived in a large metropolitan area where the stars never shone and the air always smelled of someone else’s dinner."

    Based on this information and the excerpt, what is the best description of the reviewer’s attitude toward Kinison’s memoirs of his childhood?

    The reviewer
    (1) acknowledges that all childhoods are different
    (2) was glad that he grew up in the city instead of the country
    (3) is jealous of the writer and his success
    (4) looks at the writer’s childhood wistfully
    (5) never wanted to grow up in the country

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