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Defining Evaluation Skills

Evaluation questions measure the student’s ability to judge information based on a set of criteria. The criteria may be either provided as part of the test or assumed.

Evaluation questions generally require students to

  • Compare and contrast among ideas presented
  • Determine the value of theories or evidence presented in a text or graphic
  • Make decisions based on sound reasons
  • Recognize that values play a role in beliefs and decision making
  • Identify fallacies in arguments

In Social Studies, evaluation items require students to

  • Assess whether information is appropriate to substantiate conclusions or generalizations
  • Assess the accuracy of facts presented in text or a graphic
  • Compare and contrast different accounts of the same event
  • Recognize the roles that values, beliefs, and personal convictions play in decision making

In Science, evaluation items require students to

  • Determine the validity of evidence and explanations provided in text and/or graphics
  • Evaluate and make decisions about science in personal and social issues