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Using Evaluation Skills

Evaluation skills enable adults to judge whether a conclusion has been substantiated or whether information comes from a reliable source. Evaluation is an important skill on the GED Tests as well as in real life.

Question 1 below refers to the following information.

Verona Health and Fitness Center placed the following advertisement in the local newspaper:

Verona Health and Fitness Center is the premier health club that caters to those truly committed to improving their health. People who use the center lose 10 pounds during their first week at the center and 3-5 pounds every week thereafter. You can dramatically reduce your cholesterol after just three sessions and add years to your life. Our program is so safe, you do not even need to see a doctor before starting our fitness regimen.

  1. Under the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Act, advertising must be truthful and non-deceptive, and advertisers must have evidence to back up their claims. How would you evaluate Verona Health and Fitness Center’s claims based on FTC criteria?
    (1) The advertisement meets the basic requirements of the FTC because it only reports on people who have used the facility.
    (2) The advertisement is truthful because people who exercise can improve their cholesterol and lose weight.
    (3) The advertisement does not include information to support its claims about weight loss and cholesterol reduction.
    (4) The advertisement is fair because it uses information that people want to know when joining a health and fitness center.
    (5) The advertisement is untruthful because people cannot lose weight that fast.

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