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How Did You Do?

0-3 questions–Time to review
4-7 questions—Time for fine-tuning
8 questions—Time to build on your knowledge

So how did you do? This section of the web-based training was designed to provide you with information about critical thinking skills. If you had difficulty with any of the questions, you may wish to spend some time reviewing. Remember, the web-based training can serve as an ongoing resource. Bookmark and revisit pages as often as you like.

Besides higher-order thinking skills, there is another major skill area that students need for the GED Tests as well as their personal and professional lives: graphic literacy skills.

The GED Social Studies, Science, and Mathematics tests use graphics on 50-60% of the test items.

You have now completed the Thinking Skills section. If you’re working straight through, click "Next" to go to the Graphic Literacy section, or click on one of the modules in the navigation bar on the left to go to another section that interests you.