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The Challenge: Selecting Specific Information

Tables are used frequently in the workplace and in the media. Students need to be able to understand, interpret, and use information contained in tables in order to be successful on the GED Tests as well as in other areas of their lives.

But reading these displays of data can be confusing. Since tables often contain more information than is needed to answer a specific question, students may not be certain what to look for to answer a specific question.

To accurately locate information on charts and tables, students need to be able to

  • State what information is needed to answer the question
  • Identify the topic of a chart or table by reading the title carefully
  • Define what information is located in the columns and rows by reading the headings located by the columns and rows
  • Identify where the necessary data to answer a question is located by accurately following the column and row to where they intersect
  • Circle or make notes about the known facts and the key numbers or information related to the question