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The Challenge: Following Lines and Finding Trends

To interpret information on line graphs, students must be able to locate specific points on the graph as well as to identify the trend that the graph represents: upward, downward, or static. Questions on the GED Tests may also require students to analyze the information and identify reasons that could have led to the specific trend.

Line graphs can depict many kinds of data that display a trend or pattern. Changes over time in numerical values, such as population, the average number of children in families, job layoffs, the number of hours spent watching television, the percentage of people who eat dinner out, etc., can be displayed on a graph as a trend.

For example, today people eat more of their meals at restaurants than they did 25 years ago. Help students identify trends in their own lives that they can depict on a line graph. Teaching students to create their own line graphs will help them to interpret them on the GED.