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Question 1 below refers to the following diagram.


The water cycle is a complex natural process in which the Earth’s water resources are continuously recycled. Water moves through a series of stages to complete this cycle.

In the evaporation stage, water changes to water vapor when the sun heats rivers, lakes, or oceans. Plants also release water vapor into the air through transpiration. In the condensation stage, water vapor in the air changes to liquid. Condensing water vapor forms clouds. Precipitation occurs when liquid water falls in drops from clouds. In cold conditions, precipitation forms into snow, sleet, or hail. Precipitation falls to the surface of the earth and forms runoff, which accumulates in bodies of water. Then the cycle begins again.

  1. According to the diagram and the description, what role does evaporation play in the water cycle?
  2. (1) Evaporation is the beginning of the water cycle.
    (2) Evaporation is caused primarily by trees.
    (3) Evaporated water can turn into snow, sleet, or hail.
    (4) Evaporation is the same as transpiration.
    (5) Through evaporation, water vapor enters the air.

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