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Introduction to Maps

Maps are used in different parts of our lives. We use a road map when we are traveling. We check the weather by taking a quick look at the weather map in the newspaper. Maps in the news show where current events are taking place. Maps are used in workplace documents to show a sales territory, delivery locations, or a school bus route.

Map reading is an important skill. On the GED Social Studies Test, your students will answer questions based on maps.

When teaching map skills, review the following features:

  • Map Title: The title tells you the topic of the map. There are many different types of maps, and the title will help you identify the purpose of the map you are viewing.
  • Legend or Key: The legend on a map identifies the meaning of its symbols. For example, on many common types of maps, a * is used as a symbol for a capital city.
  • Scale: A scale helps you to determine the distances shown on a map, such as 1 inch equals 100 miles.
  • Compass Rose: It is important to know direction on a map. A compass rose indicates north, south, east, and west. North is often at the top of a map.