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Introduction to Critical Thinking and the GED® Tests

The GED Tests present many challenges to the GED teacher and student. Two particular areas that you can focus on to help your students succeed are

  • Thinking skills
  • Graphic literacy

As a GED instructor, you need to identify strategies you can use to help your students become better critical thinkers. You will also need to help your students use thinking skills to interpret different types of graphics, such as charts, maps, tables, diagrams, photographs, and political cartoons, on the GED Tests.

This web-based professional development module has been designed to provide you with information, strategies, and techniques that you can use in the GED classroom. In this section of the module, you will learn more about

  • Why critical thinking skills are essential for passing the GED
  • The content of the Language Arts Reading, Social Studies, and Science tests
  • How you can teach critical thinking across the content areas

The Critical Thinking module has two sections:

  • Thinking skills
  • Graphic literacy