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Using the Scientific Calculator

The GED Mathematics Test is divided equally into two parts, with each part consisting of 25 questions in 45 minutes.

Part I allows the use of the Casio fx-260 Solar Scientific calculator, which will be distributed to test takers at the GED testing site. Calculator use is not allowed on Part II of the GED Mathematics Test, and all calculators will be collected before Part II booklets are distributed. Even if students buy their own Casio fx-260 calculators for practice, they MAY NOT bring them to the testing centers.

The calculator is being provided to make it easier to solve problems with complex computations. Some students may worry about how complicated the Casio fx-260 looks, but they shouldn’t be concerned. They will only have to use a few of the buttons and functions.

This section of the GED Mathematics web-based training has been designed to provide you with basic information about the scientific calculator that has been chosen for use on the GED Mathematics Test. You will have an opportunity to learn about the calculator, including the basic keys and functions that students should know how to use before they go in to take the test.