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Order of Operations

The Casio fx-260 calculator performs calculations using the order of operations. Remember the saying: Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally? This saying relates to the order in which calculations should be performed. It is very important that students understand the order of operations that should be used when solving mathematical problems.

Although the Casio fx-260 performs calculations in the correct order, students must still know and understand the order of operations. This applies whether students are solving problems using pencil and paper, choosing the correct set up, or entering a problem in a calculator.

Review with students the correct order of operations. When solving problems, students should complete operations in the following order:

  • Parentheses: complete all operations within parentheses first
  • Exponents: compute any numbers that have exponents, such as 3²
  • Multiply and Divide
  • Add and Subtract

If students can remember Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally, they should have no problem remembering the correct order of operations.