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Using Parentheses

Many equations are multi-step problems that include parentheses. The Casio fx-260 Solar Scientific calculator has parentheses that the student can use when solving problems.



Example: (6 + 12) x 4 =

To solve this problem, follow these steps on the calculator shown here.

  • Press the [Calc Button] key to open the parentheses
  • Enter the number 6
  • Press the [PLus] key
  • Enter the number 12
  • Press the [Parenthsis] key to close the parentheses
  • Press the [Multiplication] key
  • Enter the number 4
  • Press the [Equal] key

The answer is 72.

The Casio fx-260 calculator allows students to solve problems that include multiple sets of parentheses. Start with simple problems, such as the one provided above, and then progress to more complex problems.