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From Computation to Problem Solving

In this section of the Mathematics Module, you have had an opportunity to work with the basic keys and functions of the Casio fx-260 Solar Scientific calculator.

As you begin working with your students, start the process by using computation problems rather than word problems. This will give the students time to learn where to find the keys on the calculator.

You may want to have “Calculator Bees,” where students compete to be the first one with the correct answer. As students become comfortable with the basic operation of the calculator, then move them to word problems.

The calculator was added to the GED Mathematics Test as a tool to help overcome the tediousness of long, involved calculations. However, if students are not comfortable with the calculator and the location of keys, they may waste a lot of time just trying to find specific keys for functions such as square and square root.

Your first job is to help students become familiar with the layout of the calculator and its operation with simple calculations. When that job is complete, you can continue by working with word problems.